Welcome to Tag, a version control application for creative collaboration!

With tag, you can collaborate on articles, scripts, stories and more with as many collaborators as you like.

To start, simply log in with Google.

From here, you can view any projects you may already have, including projects collaborators may have added you on. You can also create a new project.

You can view your project by clicking the link on your Projects page. From here, you can add content to your project, submit edits, view previous versions, and add collaborators to your project.

When working on a project with collaborators, each edit must be reviewed by all collaborators for approval. You can tell when a project has pending approvals by the yellow warning icon next to the project’s name, and by the fact that a project with pending approvals cannot be edited.

If all collaborators on a project approve an edit, that edit becomes the project’s master version, and the project can once again accept edits.

If any collaborator on a project rejects an edit, the document reverts to the previous version.